Thursday, June 7, 2007

Red Friday

By Kathy Duff
Wondai Shire

Red Friday is the day to unite Queenslanders across the land
We don’t want our shires amalgamated so its time to make a stand

The symbol of the blood of communities has become the color red
So we’ll wear it, paint it, flaunt it to show Beattie our spirit is not dead.

These shires have served us well for 100 years or more
We must protect what we have worked for and not let Beattie close the door.

Its not the size that matters of our Councils big or small
It’s the community spirit that binds us and makes us all stand tall

Together in red we will march and together we will stand
from the Bush to the beach we will rally united hand in hand

From Noosa to Wondai, Monto, Kolan, Gayndah and Boulia in the west
We want to keep our shires special and not let Beattie make a mess

What’ll be his next mistake, it could be heads or tails
If he’s so keen to amalgamate why don’t we merge with New South Wales

Its democracy we fought for and the right to have a say
We must rally for what we believe in and not let Beattie get his way.

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