Monday, June 4, 2007

Friday's March Update

Don’t Let The Burnett Bleed!

March on RED FRIDAY, June 8


WHERE: GAYNDAH, LIONS PARK along ANZAC PARADE to JAYCEE PARK (for participants to make statements of objection).
WHEN: FRIDAY 8TH JUNE (to be known as RED FRIDAY - symbolizing the bleeding of the bush).
TIME: MARCH will commence at Noon

In response to the Queensland State government's ongoing failure to respond to the serious negative effects of the planned Forced Council Amalgamations, a PROTEST DAY has been organised for the Burnett region.

A march to express Burnett residents' fears and concerns for the repurcussions of sweeping changes to Local Government boundaries has been organised in response to widespread anger in the small rural communities in the Burnett region.

Friday 8th June has been dubbed "Red Friday" by organisers, and the protest will coincide with the GAYNDAH ORANGE FESTIVAL. Support is expected from MONTO, WONDAI, PROSTON,EIDSVOLD,GAYNDAH, CHILDERS, KOLAN,and PERRY Shires, with residents of all shires affected by the changes invited to take part. Participants are expected to represent a wide cross-section of these communities, from those directly connected to local councils, to primary producers, business owners, retired residents and families.

Among the issues to be aired will be decreased employment opportunities, more frail support systems, negative widespread business and social consequences, and the threat to the very existence of many small towns which currently play a vital role in the Burnett region.

This is a grass roots action and the people and politicians of Queensland need to hear how amalgamation will impact on us, our families, and our towns.

Buses will leave Monto Post Office at 10:00 am sharp on Friday morning. A bus is also being organised to take people from Eidsvold. (Please contact councils or rally contacts for bus info for other towns).

Participants are urged to bring PLACARDS, FLAGS or BANNERS, with a clear protest message. Organisers also recommend participants bring a hat, folding chair, snack and water.

For more information

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