Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red Friday - The Burnett Strikes Back

This is a new improved version of a previous video with a similar title. Apologies to Carl Rackemann for that little typo in the previous video.

On the 17th of April the Beattie government launched a preemptive strike on rural Queensland, when they announced that the voluntary "Size, Shape, and Sustainability" process to local government reform had been replaced by a rapid, forced, and undemocratic process. On Friday the 8th of June, Red Friday, the people of the Burnett struck back, holding a protest march in Gayndah.

Approximately 500 people met to listen to a bevvy of formal and informal speeches. The discussions revealed many important facts and a groundswell of sentiment, however two key points emerged.

The people of the Burnett are not prepared to idly accept the Local Government Reform process and secondly that the group gathered in Gayndah which to progress their protest in a robust fashion.

Below is a new improved video bringing out some of the main points of the day. Stay tuned for more videos and information over the coming days.

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