Sunday, May 6, 2007

Welcome to the Future of Monto

At a recent information evening convened by the Monto Shire Council to discuss coucil's submission to the Local Government Reform Commission, it became evident that the Monto community wants to be heard regarding "Future of Monto".

This website has been created to provide a space for discussion to take place. Residents of the Monto community and other interested parties are invited to comment, participate, and have thier voice heard. In addition you will find resources here to assist in understanding the role of the Local Government Reform Commission, action taken by other communities, and other useful information regarding amalgamation and the future of rural communities.

This website was created by Dean Power for the Monto Community. Please observe legal and moral considerations in using this website. If you have any queries please email me. My email address is me[at]

Have a great day. Dean

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